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Welcome To A brighter future... you cant change the past, but you can do better today... for a excellent tomorrow.


Ireland Specializes Inn:

Reuniting Lovers, 

Love & Relationships,

Marriage & Divorce, 

Career & Finances, 

Health Concerns ,

Family & Children, 

Soul Mate connections, 

Psychic Readings,

Counseling ,

Chakra balancing ,

Reiki healing ,

Healing & Cleansing , 

Aura & Mind cleansing ,  

Heart to Heart Meditating , 

Spiritual mediating 

Tarot Readings

Tarot Card readings very detailed when receiving a card reading from Ireland she will be using your riders deck. The reading is very in depth and goes upon many subjects and details of life.

Energy Reagings

Psychic energy readings are very detailed when you are confused and wanting to know little more about yourself or your energy.

At moments in time you may be feeling unbalanced or concerned about a situation.  

And just simply need guidance in your life.

Energy readings are preformed in person and also over the phone.

Spiritual Therapy & Life coaching

Ireland also offers spiritual therapy on numerous levels.

When you're simply confused needing answers in any matter of life. Or just needing a professional personal advisor Ireland will be there for you to be able to give you advice on the therapy level with empathic spiritual guidance. 

Chakra Balancing

Ireland specializes in chakra balancing on numerous levels Each Chakra has the ability to effect the human body on extreme levels  


Crown Chakra : Spiritually / Understanding

Third Eye : Intuition / Wisdom

Throat Chakra : Communication  / Creativity

Heart Chakra : Love / Hope 

Solar Plexus : Energy / Power 

Sacral Chakra : Sexually / Emotions

Root Chakra : Survival / Security